Friday, April 21, 2017

"Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere"

... whole wheat spaghetti ...
 i tried it
I developed a taste for it.
The night before last, 3 of my siblings and their husbands and wives and I met for dinner.

One brought the salad and veggies.

Another did the pasta sauce and whole wheat spaghetti -- mmm,  tasty.

 I brought a poppy seed chiffon cake, and there was ice cream and a latticed apple pie that was warm as a second dessert.

We couldn’t have had a better time and you could tell, for we started at 5 pm and didn’t finish until 10 pm.

We love each other so and we laughed our way through many subjects

Janet didn't say a word about it, but Glen showed off her latest pottery work:  a light.   The words on the lamp - "Reading is a discount ticket to everywhere".

I wouldn't mind spending some time beside that lamp with a book in my hand.


Churches Thrift Shop

An on going adventure for me is the thrift shop in Salmon Arm.  I paid Churches Thrift Shop $6 this week.

For that I got 2 recipe books — Moosewood and Pizza by Jean Pare.

I have a Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant myself.  On the inside page I have written every recipe that I have tried and made comments on them.

There is only one recipe that I would not try again.   I transferred that information to the inside of the new book and I intend on giving it to Bonnie unless she already has one.  In that case, it will be up for grabs. though I understand most young cooks just go straight to the internet for recipes.

Pizza by Jean Pare
I thought David Camps would like to read about how many ways there are to make pizza.

Instead, I became the reader.  What is going to happen is that when I go to his house, I am pulling out the pizza pans and getting ready to make the pizza variations.

For my $6, I also bought 2 muffin tins, 2 angel food cake tins 1 zester for large oranges,  3 tupperware dishes for Richard’s kids and 3 spoons to go with them.

I consider all of the fun of searching out these items worth the $6 I paid.

The goods were free.


Alice's Wonderland - Final performance

One of the threads of my life includes going to see the Treleaven boys as they perform in community musical theatre.

Here is Gabe in one of his characters in a show called Alice's Wonderland.

The theatre is in an odd place:  at the junction of the LRT fly over and the south side of the Crowchild Bridge where there is a parking lot, a busy road to cross and then an "alley" leads you to the theatre.

Feels a lot like London.

I enjoyed the performance. Wyona tells me that there are a couple more before summer is here.

Bring it on.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Eugene Onegin at the Salmon Arm Classic Theatre

The soprano Anna Netrebko 
and the baritone Mariusz Kwiecien
in the title role in “Eugene Onegin”
CrIan Douglas for The New York Times
There are two joys this Saturday in Salmon Arm.

One is the opera:  Eugene Onegin.

For us in B.C., it starts at 9:55 am and is 3 hours and 57 minutes.

Here is the review by Tommasini in the New York Times, as of March 31, 2017.

After  you read the review, you will know why I will be watching for the white roses.  I was watching a u-tube advertizement about the New York Met.  They have 1,600 full-time employees and 1,600 part time employees.  No wonder the whole thing is so beautiful.

Then at 5 pm the Shuswap Film Society is presenting a Japanese film called After the Storm.

I am going to make a day of it.

A Rainy Day

The rain is pouring down.

Dave Wood promised us a sunny day, but the clouds have gathered and rain is falling.

 I said to Wyona on the phone, I love these rainy days.

 Rain, the gift of life. Everything around us will grow. A miracle when I look out my window into the forest and see the graceful boughs of the cedars.

 I watch the rain on the deck as it hits the puddles, little drops making a single ripple out that stops at the rim of other small dots as they fall into a pool. There is water hanging from the bottom of the white bannisters that encloses the glass of the deck panes. Water hanging in small drips that never seem to fall. I want to get the leaves off of the deck so that they don’t stain it with their rust colour. But I don’t move. I just watch the rain as it falls from the eaves, and as is slides down the panes of glass on the deck. Just beautiful. Water, the gift of life.

Enjoy a drink of it some time soon.

Mary told me that at Catherine’s on the weekend they sent Rhiannon, Hebe and 2 neighbourhood kids out to play in the yard on a rainy day. All the snails had come out of hibernation. They were all over the yard. Out came the plastic containers to gather them and make habitats. There must have been over 40 snails that they collected. Catie even gave them each a plastic glove from her first aid supply because some of them weren’t too sure about getting snail slime on their hands. It was too sweet. They must have spent almost 2 hours outside. Mary and Leo agreed to let Rhiannon bring some home – not all 40, but a good 15.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Poppy Seed Chiffon Cake

... lemon glaze on a poppy seed chiffon cake ...
Bonnie said that one of the sweetest joys of her childhood was eating poppy seed chiffon cake.

Further, she said that she wanted to learn to make it.

I went to an old recipe book to pull out a recipe from the past on this one.

In Bonnie's kitchen, she gathered the material to make the cake and went to work on the recipe.

I told her that she should make 3 or 4 cakes like this, just to be sure she has the method right.  We did cull the internet for similar recipes and we learned one new trick.  Take the eggs out of the fridge at least 1/2 hour before using them to get the best result when whipping the egg whites.

Vernetta Reed

Chateau Renoir
Wyona arranged to have lunch with Vernetta Reed.

We picked her up at the Chateau Renoir.

The three of us got in the car but not one of us had an idea of where we should go beyond the usual suggestions of Dairy Queen or MacDonalds.

I don’t know why we did just keep driving north, east, south or west. But food was on someone’s mind and we settled in to a Mexican Restaurant.

“I will have a quesadilla,” said Vernetta.

 “That is the only thing not on the menu,” said Wyona.  "That is the trouble with these Mexican fast food places.  They have a limited selection of food."

I have no idea how we could have had more fun. Vernetta took us back to show us the spacious interior of her retirement home: the Chateau Renoir. I was all agog at the sight of the hotpool at the end of the swimming pool. Vernetta showed us the exercise room, the games rooms, and the do-it-yourself laundry room, out of which her iron had disappeared. There is a generation beneath me for whom an iron is an appliance to be ignored. But apparently 80 and 90 year olds still value its use. “Purchase another and I will refund the money to you,” the manager had told Vernetta. But she still sleuthed it out, asking the cleaner if she had seen the iron. Sure enough it had just been moved one laundry room over.

We hung out in Vernetta’s beautiful suite, saw her kitchette, her spare room, her bedroom, and we hung out in her sitting room, exchanging stories that had their genesis over 50 years ago. Wyona could remember Grandpa Reed living with them. I can remember Vernetta’s sister, Audrey.

We tried to figure out what it is that keeps Vernetta young and decided it is her schedule: she watches the news in the morning and the evening. She gets exercising in, both with someone who leads the group and by walking. She knows the names of everyone who lives in the facility. She knows how to take the Chateau’s bus when she needs to get out.

Apple Peeler - Williams Sonoma
I thought that what keeps her alive is an apple a day, since a saw an apple peeler on her counter – one I have been wishing for: metal, and it both peels and cores the apple.

"I like to eat an apple that way," she said when I asked  her why she kept that piece of equipment.

Of all of the things a person has to give up when they downsize, I can see why she would keep that kitchen tool.

Next time we go back we are taking Moiya along and a deck of Rook cards.