Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Beware the Crows

Duncan, 16; Alice, 4; Michael, 5; David 11
In this picture I was trying to capture the number of cousins and the ranges of their ages -- at least the ones that are left on the property at my house.  I thought I was getting 5 cousins, but Betty is in the viewfinder one second and then she is gone.

At any rate, from Duncan to Betty there is a range of 14 years and to get a picture of 4 out 5 is the best I am going to do.

Michael is wearing beads, and on this day they are on the outside of his shirt.  Usually they are inside and I am trying to get him to bring them to the outside as ornamentation.  He just can't do it.  He made this jewellery in Forest School.  His teacher told him that crows swoop down and take shiny beads.  He values the work he did in Forest School.  And so under his shirt it goes as protection from the crows.

Yes, even inside the house, beware the crows who will swoop down and take shiny objects.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Secret Stream

Everytime a little soul is out having an adventure with their parents and walks by my house I try to tempt them into The Secret Stream (formerly known as the Love Stream and before that, Campbell Spring). I show them the secret path to the stream, then the stream and I usually end with “this is a good place to come and play Goldilocks and the Three Bears”.

The last troop that entered the arches of the cedar trees were Moiya’s little grandchildren – this time a walk of only girls: Celeste, Sidney, Nora and Evangeline. I like to have the chidren walk along the stream and come out where the water goes under the road. But this group were out to explore.

 Celeste started the adventure, hopping from one side of the stream to the other. Sidney joined her, and soon Evangeline was on the other side, climbing the steepest bank on the far side of the stream, hanging onto Celeste's forearm who was in front of her, with Celeste ripping Evangeline’s weight off of her and telling her to climb on her own.

That wouldn’t have worked for Evangeline for she couldn’t get her footing, so I let get of Nora’s hand and reached for Evangeline. I felt my foot go into the stream.  What the heck, none of their shoes were dry by this point.

Celeste had gone ahead and I could see her off through the trees where the sunlight was streaming through the branches of the trees. She was calling to the rest, “Come over here. It is beautiful.”

Celeste had found a secondary stream, a tributary, one I had never noticed before. The girls were out of my control, each taking their own path through the woods. No single file for them.

Spread out and see the world.

The large wagon that had been left on the road broke loose and I could hear an alerting call  from their mother or their nanna and the rumble of wagon wheels as it took the curve and proceeded down the hill that it had just been pulled up.

At least there was no baby in the wagon.

Another lovely day in the woods and with the Woods.


A Day of Gaming

Michael checking with the gamers,
wondering if anyone wants to come downstairs
and play on the Wii.
No takers.
We have done a lot of gaming today: two games of Lords of Waterdeep and one game of Sheriff of Nottingham. The latter was the game that produced the most talk -- buying, selling, sneaking contraband goods passed the sheriff, bribery, that game has it all. We have one job for tomorrow. That is to teach David Camps to lie. He just can't tell a half truth, even. At least not in the game.

Lords of Waterdeep is a Dungeons and Dragons game, a game of wit and strategy. There isn't much talk going on, just the buying and selling of goods. Duncan is so good that he lapped me in points. I didn't really like that. This is my fourth time playing the game. My greatest compliment was when trying to cheat, Duncan told me that I am just like his mother.

Michael got a whole day of Smash Brothers on the Wii.  He has been thing for total immersion and he got it today.  What a grand holiday!


Gratitude List

Hard to keep a gratitude list going. Hard to keep a blog going Not that there isn’t a lot to be grateful for. And not that there isn’t a lot to see and write about, especially if everytime you see something you can feel your hand looking for a scrap of paper and any pencil that doesn’t have its lead broken.

Even having no water pressure is blog worthy. I couldn’t get the pressure on the hose that is connected to the sprinkler at noon. And by night I had no water pressure for a pan full of dishes. When I called to Dave, he said they had plenty of pressure, but he came right over to show me that my problem is changing the water filters. I have no idea how to do that, nor any idea how to do a number of things: patch the fiberglass on my deck, get the moss off of my roof, oh yes, even how to find a contractor and jusr get a new roof. Eventually of this will come, but the water pressure suddenly came to the top of any list. Dave brought Duncan and me to the furnace room. “I didn’t even know this place existed,” said Duncan. That was a head shaker to me, since he has lived here most of the summers of his life. Dave showed Duncan how to check the water pressure, how to give the toilet a flush to make sure that was the problem, how to turn off the water, how to put a bucket under the faucet when pulling off the blue casing, so that water doesn’t get all over the floor. Duncan and I learned it all. Duncan even changed the second filter and turned the water back on and finished with articulating all of the steps in case he is alone and has to do it some day.

Thank you, Dave.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Watching Out for Our Neighbours

Lurene's Car
Art work:  Anonymous
Title: Who is eating whom?
I like the morning walk, especially the part of it where we pass by the Woods, the Bates and the Pillings.

Something interesting is going on in every yard long before 8 am.  Right now the Woods have lot of children 10 and under out on their decks, rolling on their tricycles and roller cars.  With the noise that the wheels of the vehicles make, there is no doubt that everyone is already up at their house.

A couple of days Lurene was filling her car with garbage to go to the dump.  "Which dump?", I asked.

"Salmon Arm," she replied.

I just don't get it why everyone doesn't go to the dump at Two Mile.  That is the dump with the best view in the world.  Try it and you will agree.

And this is the season for the kilns to be going full tilt before the Roots and Blues Festival begins on the weekend.  After that, summer pottery making takes a big slump!


Bumper Stickers

Lurene's bumper sticker
Last month Richard told me that Lurene's vehicle had driven by him and it had a bumper sticker that stumped him.

He said it took a while before he got it.

Here it is.

Pretty funny!


Tiger Tiger

 ...Alice getting to the very last drop of Tiger Tiger ice cream ...
We have run the gamut of ice cream choices this year.  Ice cream has been served in plain cones, in sugar cones and in waffle cones.  We have had ice cream in sundae dishes and in banana split dishes.

Yesterday I saw a ball of it picked up on a fork and delivered to Betty's mouth.

"That girl is going to have one womping headache if I don't take some of that out of her mouth," I said to whomever was sitting beside me.  And then I dove for her mouth to see if I could get some of that ice cream out before the great ice cream headache started for her.

The one way we haven't eaten ice cream is out of a cereal bowl.

Have we lost our very best of the good traditions!