Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Heat wave, lost shoe, and 200 year old tree

Catherine writes:

An eclectic day

1. lost a shoe in the metro.


While getting on the metro catie lost her flip flop onto the track.

We all jumped back out to try and retrieve it.

Not my best parenting moment as I tried to get thomas to jump down between trains to retrieve it.

Thank heavens he had more sense than me.

Finally came up with a better plan to get help at the ticket booth. Obviously not the first time this has happened.

They arrived with long pincers and retrieved it after firmly telling me "attend".

We had to wait until the tracks were cleared both ways which meant waiting for 3 more trains to pass.

It is good to have 2 shoes.

Went to parc Monceau during a heat wave.

Not the most comfortable day for a promenade.

Had trouble filling the water bottle at the park fountains as there were literally over 100 kids having a gigantic watertight.

There was no way we could even get close to the water for the press of water guns and water bottles.

Saw this 200 year old tree which is 7 metres around the trunk and 30 metres tall.

Cooling off with a Popsicle

One final group photo sur le pont.

A photo of me just so you know I do get in a few picture.

Honouring Arta's 75th: Third Quarter Quell, Day 47

Lazy Summer Days

Catherine writes:

We're back in Paris now after a few days in London.

The children demanded a day off today.

I too was exhausted from our trip so obliged them.

The only activity of today was that Hebe and I went to the local park to play.

And of course we did a family shopping trip.

Even Hebe is helping to carry home the groceries.

We need everyones knapsacks to get the food home.

Tomorrow, back to exploring Paris.

Honouring Arta's 75th: Third Quarter Quell, Day 46

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Golden Carriage

From Catherine:
The coronation coach. The stuff of fairy tales.

Crazy so much time and energy have gone into a coach which has only been used 4 times.

They have to take the wall of the carriage house down to get this carriage out because it is so large that it can't fit through the door. It takes 2 days to get the wall down so they can get the coach to the street. Last used in 2003 for the Queen's Jubilee. At least she has had the chance to ride in the coach twice-once at her coronation, then 50 years later.

I don't think she will be taking it for another spin Here is the family in front of Buckingham Another thing of fairy tales.

A trip to Hamleys toy store. We escaped without a single purchase although several things caught my eye. This hand blown balloon was made for Hebe when we entered the store. It is supposed to be Harry Potter. Hmmmm? Interesting.


Honouring Arta's 75th: Third Quarter Quell, Day 45

An Unexpected Adventure

So what do you get when you plan a bus tour around London and you don't know that it is both London Pride weekend and the weekend when Taylor Swift is performing in Hyde park. Well you get the following adventures:

1.  Screaming fans. That's me when I realize we've just walked into an outdoor rock concert at Hyde park. I had to take a selfie with my adolescent girls when we heard riptide being performed by Vance Joy. I just can't believe it.

2.  A family photo outside of Buckingham palace. The most tame moment of the day. We toured the palace mews which was fabulous and well worth the visit just to see the coronation carriage. I forgot to attach these photos and instead have inserted here a photo in front of St. Paul's cathedral. Whoops.

Photo Bombed
3.  Being photo bombed by three complete strangers on the millennial bridge. These guys were too funny. There was a general sense of merriment in the city today.

4.  A holey shoe. London streets were basically shut down today because of the Pride parade which made for a lot of walking. We didn't figure that out until after 5 pm as we were struggling to find any bus running through the centre. Not a one. Hard to do a double decker bus tour without a bus. The streets were however pedestrian heaven. Got to walk down the middle of reagent street and the Strand. That doesn't happen every day.

5.  Finally you get really tired feet.

Unexpected adventure. I'll guess we'll take the bus tour another time.

St. Paul's

Honouring Arta's 75th: Third Quarter Quell, Day 44

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tomatoes-- continued

David's garden images continue ...

the tomatoes for dadadoes


Dear papa,

Here are the tomatoes I was going to give you for Father's day but the tomatoes did not grow anof to be eaten.

I chose to give you tomatoes because I know you like tomatoes.

I love you --

1. because you give me tastey food

2. because you are from catalonia and

that makes both of us Catalan......... ............................................... ................................................ 1000 because you are my dady

Happy faders day!!

From David.

Friday, June 26, 2015

A Father's Day Event

I'll see you in 2 hours daddy.

Save some room for Bannock at the National Aboriginal Day party at the War!



Father's Day Gifts

Bonnie writes:
Joaquim reading his Father's Day email
and looking at photos of
David's homegrown gift to his dad.

Hebe's Funny Sayings

Catherine Jarvis writes about Hebe's conversations:

Tower of London to see the Crown Jewels. "Why wasn't I born in the Queen's family". A common question after seeing the Queen's jewels.

"He's scary" about the guard after he yelled at another tourist for sitting on the fence.

Tower bridge

A walk around Trafalger square isn't complete without a photo with the lions.

"It's yummy. Even my hand tastes good". After licking her fingers during dinner in the crypt restaurant at St Martin's in the Field.

"It's a restaurant church". Hebe ate cream of celery soup. The dessert was apple crumble. Hebes assessment of dessert. "it's even yummier than my dinner"

Hebe and I sat out Bach and Handel by candle light. Hebe's response "Why didn't you get me a ticket to the party".

Well we missed that party but we did get to hear the choir in the basement practising for Carmina Burana which will be performed next week. Almost as good as attending the concert. Check out Hebe's response to Carmina Burana.
Add caption
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Carmina who?
Honouring Arta's 75th: Third Quarter Quell, Day 43

Can you guess ...

Catherine writes: 

Can you guess where we went today?

Big Ben

Walking towards Westminster abbey.

St. Peter perhaps with the keys?

This is actually the pyx chamber where they kept the cloister money.

Oldest door in Britian inside Westminster abbey.

Like the scriptures say, "knock and it shall be opened."

Honouring Arta's 75th: Third Quarter Quell, Day 42

Night Out on the Town

Catherine Jarvis writes and photographs:

Dinner of fish and chips followed by the musical Let it Be.

A tribute to Beatle mania.

We failed to get tickets to measure for measure or the lion king despite my tearing around town trying to get tickets.

Honouring Arta's 75th: Third Quarter Quell, Day 41

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Dining Hall at the V&A

From Catherine:

A photo of the dining hall at Victoria and Albert museum. I'm going to eat here another time.

Don't you just love this Valkyrie costume from the theatre collection

Not many museums let you actually try on the artifacts.

Totally fun.
The Valkaries Costume

The Dining Room

Honouring Arta's 75th: Third Quarter Quell, Day 40

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Victoria and Albert Museum

From Catherine:

I had no idea what a gem of a museum this one is.

Saw their theatre and jewelry collection today after having lunch in the courtyard.

 The museum is massive.

This cafeteria may rival St Martins in the Field for quality and price.

 The scones with clotted cream and jam were delicious.

Hebe enjoyed a bit of time running through the fountain.

We didn't choose to sit inside but the dining room was exquisite and there was a pianist playing background music.

What a treat.

Oh well, an experience for another day or another trip.

Honouring Arta's 75th: Third Quarter Quell, Day 39