Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Treleavens (and baby Betty) visit Arta

The Treleavens loaned me their hospital bed.

I put it into use right away.

I learned how to lift my leg onto it, slide in a 45 degree position across the sheets and find a comfortable position.

I was s so happy when the Treleavens showed up for a  surprise visit yesterday and sweet baby Betty happened to be visiting from next door at thte same time.

We took some pictures to mark the occasion.  A time to remember.

Today I learned the time of my arthoplasty operation.

So I am on my way to South Campus tomorrow for three days in the hospital and then, hopefully off to rehabilitation for a yet to be determined amount of time.

No more blogging from me for a few months, thoughI will continue to write posts in my heart.


I will be coming home with a brand new artificial hip,and with the power to hold that little baby Betty for longer periods of time than I can hold her now.


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