Tuesday, September 8, 2015

News on Arta and Kelvin (Arta not yet ready for visitors)

Updates from Calgary
Girl Party night before surgery

Arta has a new right hip. Yea!  

Given the length of time it took to diagnose the specific issue (which has meant some high doses of morphine), and the fracturing of her femur during the surgery, the recovery is going to take a bit longer than expected.  She will require medical oversight, and will be spending the next while in the Sarcee Rehabilitation Facility.  

Backyard planning meeting pre-surgery
Arta knows her friends and loved ones will want to visit, but she has asked that visitors please wait to visit until she can enjoy them. (translation:  please do not come to visit her). 

She has a very tight regime for recovery (which includes lots of physio, icing, elevation, and rest).  She wants people to know that her kids are helping, and that takes as much energy as she has available.  :-)   Both Bonnie and Mary have been here helping out. Doral is currently down from Edmonton, and Rebecca has taken a leave from her job in Victoria.  It is a transition period where Arta’s days are literally filled with taking care of herself, giving input to the siblings for the care of our father, and providing direction to Miranda and Richard as they work to put in place crucial renovations to her space at home in a short window of time.

A brief facetime conversation to see Baby Betty
Arta loves her friends and family.  She can read email (and while her access is not frequent, she can check her email every other day).  She loves to hear news, so she would definitely welcome emails.  She knows you all love her.  She knows you all would do anything you could for her.  What she is needing right now is a concentrated period of quiet focus without visitors.

Some people can relax when visitors come. Arta is the kind of person who will not be able to relax.  She will be working hard to listen to her visitors, to hear how the visitor is doing, and will forget to take care of her own needs in those minutes, or hours of being visited.  Knowing her, we are guessing that will make sense to you.   

Kelvin and Rebecca Sarcee selfie!
Kelvin is also at the Sarcee Rehabilitation Facility (the arrangement was that he would be there on respite during Arta's recovery period).  The current plan is for him to next move to a Supported Living Facility, and we are waiting further news on that front.  

Kelvin does love to hear news of people (though he too points out that the days here are so full that it is a real challenge when visitors come).  If you want to visit, just give him a call first to let him know you are coming.  You can call him at Sarcee.  Just say you are looking for Kelvin Johnson, in the Left Cluster (the phone number there is:  403-686-8100)   He also has a cell phone (403-971-3393).  He loves phone calls, and letters!  (chocolates and bonbons are also welcome...)

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  1. hoping for a speedy recovery, love to both of you