Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Mary

Guess what I am thinking in this photo ....
For your fortieth birthday, I think you should buy yourself 40 new fabulous pairs of shoes.

Since forty is the "Ruby Anniversary" make sure at least one pair are ruby red.

Since forty means more silver hair, some silver shoes to match.

Be sure to spend at 40 days at the Lake this summer.

Plan for 40 mornings of sleeping.

Go for 40 leisurely morning walks down Bernie Road.

Since the forties were filled with big band music, turn on some music from the "King of Swing" and "Sing, sing, sing." Perhaps take a swing dancing class.

Of course you will need some dance shoes for this new class.

Buy yourself glass to make 40 different glass beads. There is a new Glass Artist in Sicamous, so spend 40 hours with her this summer perfecting some of your technique.

And for my part, I will raise a toast of 40 raw vegetables to you today (cherry tomatoes, sugar snap pees, baby carrots, and yellow pepper chunks), so I have a longer life to enjoy even more celebrations of the birth of Mary Matthews Johnson.


  1. Ooooooo, I adore this list. Every single item. Now if only I could arrange my life and finances so that I could do all these things. I will start scheming.

  2. Forty Happy Birthday wishes to you Mary!