Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hello from the others ...

"Hello from Bev"
Did you ever think the day would come when you didn't see Bev without a truck?

They are a one vehicle family now, the truck no longer part of the family.

When one thing leaves (ie, the truck), another takes its place, and he is a three-screen computer expert now -- I saw everyone gather around his workstation, ... in awe of his genealogy powers.

Grandma Rose
Sharon, Bev and Kelvin spent some time at those screens.

Kelvin is only a beginning genealogist.

He came home marvelling over Sharon's skills -- not so much for how she can manipulate the data inside of the programmes but for the knowledge she carries around that makes the manipulate of the data seem to be so easy.
Maurine and Preston
Preston and Maurine arrived in a bea-u-t-iful new van and with no set agenda for their vacation.  "We only need to be back by the beginning of new week," she said.

They had seen Charlene and Richard McLung at their new cabin in Montana and reported they have most of the amenities there now.

Betty and Ralph had driven the lower route from Vancouver to Barnwell and were returning by the Rogers Pass.

Betty and Ralph
She plays bridge with two groups, alternate Wednesday and Thursdays ... or would that be Tuesday ... and has some other round robins with card playing friends.

Ralph reads every day: two newspapers, Harpers, Atlantic Monthly, etc. ... enough to keep him into print more into watching the T.V. screen.

He observed a dove through the screen door as we were eating supper, having seen it fly in, out, and around the fir tree in the middle of the Skyview Complex.  He suspected there was a nest nearby.  I enjoyed the bird-watching lesson.
... time to start my own memoirs ...

Kelvin took a piece of paper in hand and began to sketch an outline for writing his own memoirs as we were driving home. I was quiet, just driving and watching the road. He silently wrote, finally looking up at the outskirts of Calgary.

Later he said, "I can't believe it took me two and a half hours and I have only begun to think of what I want to write.  If others are doing some much indexing of genealogy, I can at least write a bit."

His blog should soon be exploding with small essays -- "my life in the Arctic", "working in the BC bush", ... more to come.

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