Monday, August 15, 2011

Photos from the Jarvis's Holiday

Berlin on a Bike
A few photos of the kid's highlights of our first week.

1. Berlin on Bike.

We took a bike tour along the old Berlin Wall.

Quite an experience.

Stopped at a section of the wall that has been turned into a memorial.

At the memorial you can see the wall as it looked from both sides and examine the dead man's land between the east and west walls.

Climbed an old guard tower. The kids were in heaven.

Tivoli Gardens
2. Trivoli Garden.

These are the gardens from which Walt Disney got his idea to build Disneyland.

The kids rode the oldest (or one of the oldest) wooden rollercoasters, built over a century ago.

It still has a ride operator who operates a handbrake from the cars.

We had to do the rollercoaster twice.

3. Overnight sleeper car to Copenhagen.
Catie in Sleeper Car

Not for the faint of heart.

Not for the sea sick.

Took a train from Berlin to the Baltic sea.

Then crossed the sea inside our train car which was inside the belly of the ferry.

Overnight sleeper car to Copenhagen
 Quite rough seas even for me.

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  1. The train ride looks fun. Greg and I took a train/ferry in 1969 when we had a Eurail pass. We just slept on our train seats. I never got out of the train but Greg walked around the ferry.
    What a fun holiday you had!