Friday, August 5, 2011

Subway Sandwiches

olives, tomatoes, ham & cucumbers for me
Subway Sandwiches a la Shuswap Style were provided by Doral and Anita provided this summer – one meal that should be a regular happening. 

Their children are already good at building the sandwiches.

David is also good at constructing these sandwiches, given the number of Subway Sandwich Collector bags he has in his possession.
I love these sandwiches

The Johnson kids can lay the cut buns out and get the right toppings for them like a breeze.

I am slower at making the choices and so was the third person out to the deck for lunch.

The tall table and stools have become the place where Meighan and David like to sit. 
Whose turns is it to begin the game?

Bonnie joined us and we played word games, ones that challenge the use of the letter “s”, or any other letter in the alphabet that might pose a problem for potential lispers.

As well, we played the game where everyone adds just one word to a sentence until a story is created.

The sandwiches were long gone and the game players were still happy – a good lunch when conviviality trumps getting away after a meal is finished – at least for five and six year olds.


  1. I wish I could remember some of your word choices, Arta. You made it so hard for me to keep a straight face. I think it was your variations on Meighan's favorite word "stinky" which made me laugh right outload. Was it "stinkiness", "stinkilicious", or "stinkily"? I can't recall. Thanks for the reminder of that game. I will get it started at dinner tonight.

    Last night David, Joaquim and I played Dominoes until only about 12 tiles were left in the Bone Yard. I will have to look up the rule of whether you can "go out" on a double as Joaquim tried. We didn't let him take that easy road hence the game went on, and on. It is definitely a favorite family game now. Our "trains" ended up forming the shape of R2D2 which really made us laugh.

    We finished off the hoagie buns for lunch today, toasting them and covering them with a salmon salad topping. We ate up the fruits and vegetables in the fridge: left over cauliflower, sugar peas, carrots, blueberries, red pepper, and lettuce for a salad. Unfortunately the barrel-garden cucumber was too bitter to eat, but I did give it a try.

  2. The sandwiches look fantastic.... and I can't believe how long your hair grew during the year, Ceilidh and Meighan!