Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Laser Surgery

... dry leaves as the light dawns on the avenue at the park  ...
The leaves are golden and now laying on the ground. The waters of the Bow are rolling from the mountains toward the prairies. Wyona drove me to Dr. Huang’s office which is situated right on the river, so I could see both the trees and that water as I went to have some lazer eye surgery. After my third set of drops, he came into the room. I placed my chin on a small white indentation in front of me and he told me to look at the green light, which I did. He then told me to open my eyes wide. I did.
... dawn breaks on a  knoll  in Centennial Park ...

He put something in my left eye to hold it open – the equivalent of the dentist’s rubber dam, I think, but now was not the moment to think, because, of course, every muscle in my body was tense.

 I was in the place between his words to me to keep very still, and his imperative to me to keep my eyes on the green light.

 “I can't see the green light,” I said to him.

“Then open your other eye,” he said.


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