Friday, October 12, 2012

St. Mark's Square, Venice

10 pm.

Typing live from St. Mark's Square in Venice.  All we could have ever wished for, is here to see.

We took a cruise on the hop on/hop off water bus to check out all of the museums that  we will see tomorrow.

We stop at all gellato shops.

There are 3 orchestra's playing in the square.  Wyona and Greg have already danced to one.

Arta, Margaret Oldham, Greg and Wyona Bates, Moiya and Dave Wood.


  1. i am still overwhelmed thinking about wandering through the inside of the San Marco cathedral with Bonnie back in 1985, trying to recognize all the tales from the bible told in mural and mosaic tile!

  2. Moiya and Dave - David is in heaven. His Great Uncle Glen delivered your rocket stick to him yesterday morning. As for me, I am enjoyed all the fresh vegetables you left me. The white chocolate almond cheesecake is long gone.