Friday, October 5, 2012

Sibling Lunch

Test question:  Which one of us is wearing clothes from Value Village?
Glen said that he was on a trip with fellow foresters, looked at them, and noticed that all had white hair.

The same could be true of the sibling trip to A & A for lunch today – it would be a toss up as to whose hair was the whitest.

No matter the colour of the hair our interest in food from the Middle East was piqued as soon as we opened the doors to Sami’s deli – shwarma, spanokapita, samosas, tabouli, chili humus, regular humus, olives stuffed with garlic or almonds, all of the baklava that a person could ever desire.

The way you can tell this is a good spot to pick up lunch is that the line-up is long and no one in it complains – all wait patiently, almost reverently, for their turn to get to the till and pick up their food.

Yup, nothing like lunch at Sami’s.

They have added an ice-cream parlour upstairs – an idea for the next time you visit.  The main course was enough for us.



  1. Well, it's not Wyona, she would rather make her own clothes than go to Value Village. Arta, I have never even heard you say the name of that store. Glen, he would be like Teague who brags about Value Village and the cost of his $5 pair of pants. I am guessing Glen (although he does look quite dapper)!

  2. You are right, though you wouldn't have ever heard Glen say the name of that store either. Well, he says the name of the store, but he does it with a French Accent, which makes it hard to understand.