Monday, October 1, 2012


Not actual photo of trees at Lake.

On our way to the beach today, we noticed lots of cut wood along the road past the turn in the road on the way to the beach. I am pretty sure the tree was the one that had two leaders spitting off half way up the bowl, because I can no longer see that tree from my bedroom.


Not actual photo of trees at lake, and may
not match earlier picture in type of tree
(I hope Glen is not reading).
We decided to make an obstacle course, so we turned the wood over so we could walk on it. It took the two of us to build and test the course for saftey. I am going to guess, at least 10 stumps now line the road to the beach. We moved them as far to the right as possible so as not to impede traffic. We wonder who will try our obstacle course before the wood cutter comes to split the wood for winter.

David has been loving a new Canadian TV program called "Splatalot". Teenagers attack a medieval influenced castle by going through an obstacle course that floats on water. The "defenders" of the castle get to shoot water, foam, slime, paint balls, etc, to try to protect the castle. David laughs uncontrollably during this show. We don't have any "defenders" on our Annis Bay obstacle course, but if we did, David would be "The Davidunator" and his weapon would be the Splatana or the Splatzooka (I think I am remembering right). I would be "The Bon-meister" and my weapon would be slime filled water balloons.

Until next summer, may you not run into any "defenders".

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