Saturday, August 23, 2014

Doral Pilling - Let me know if you want an audio tape of the book!

I don't know how many of you have a copy of Doral Pilling's book (the one where he was interviewed by Charlie Ursenbach as part of the Western Oral History Program).

It is an awesome book.

This summer, i read the inside cover, which says that the original audio transcription was held at the Provincial Archives of Alberta.  I wrote to the archives asking, and here is what they said: 
We do indeed have the recordings. In fact, we have the 226 page transcript in the reference room. The  accession number for the recordings is GR1975.0122. You should be able to get copies of the recordings (assuming they are not damaged). The recordings are currently on audio reels and will need to be transferred to CDs. Please note, effective, September 2, 2014, our fees for audio reproduction is $100 per hour of content. As well, there is a cue to have AV work completed so your order may take 2-3 months.   Should you like a photocopy of the transcript, that can be ordered online and I would be happy to send instructions.
They they followed up with the AV archivist to get more info on how to get the tapes reproduced, and how to order (since there is no option to order tapes online).  Here is what I was told:
The interview lasted a total of 590 minutes (over 5 reels). The cost for audio reproduction (CDs) is $35.00 per half an hour and $17.50 per 15 minutes thereafter. So, by my calculation 590 minutes is 9.8 hours, so it works out to $700. As of September 2nd, it will be $100 per hour of audio content (so best to order soon if you still want to). As I mentioned before, it will take several months to complete the order. To order copies, we would need you to send us a money order made out to the Government of Alberta along with a letter stating that you want all of GR1975.0122 (oral history of Doral William Pilling). Our address is: Provincial Archives of Alberta8555 Roper RoadEdmonton ABT6E 5W1
In short, I have placed the order!   

I don't expect to hear back for several months.  

While other people can order if they want to, I think the smarter strategy is just for us to divide the cost between all those interested in having a copy.  Indeed, given how many of us were at LaRue's 50th birthday party, I suspect we could have a really reasonable cost per copy.  When the thing arrives, i will send out another note asking who wants one (and maybe can arrange to bring them out to the lake next summer for those people who want to pick them up rather than covering the shipping costs.  

When the CD arrives, I will send out another note, and those who would like a copy can just let me know.  Or... you can just comment to this note to let me know you are provisionally interested (and i will keep a running note then of people to follow up with later)