Monday, August 11, 2014

LaRue's Fiftieth: More

... Michaela and cousins ...
The heat is too much for Braeson.  Everyone else is good.
It has only been a week since the party, but still we are getting together to see each other’s pictures.

It seems that every camera was pointed in another direction.
 ... Joshua after Tiger-Tiger ice cream ...

“Did you even come over to the party?”, I asked Bonnie Wyora. “I didn’t see you there.”

“Yes, I was there, but I was the woman in black and no one noticed me. I have found there is anonymity when wearing black.”
 ... Senya gets help from Moiya ...

It would have been possible to have missed someone at the party – I didn’t know that Laynie passed bottles of bubbles out to children.

And I didn’t take a shot of the Frisbee game.
... down for the count ...

Nor would I have noticed the Robertson cousins on the porch had I not taken the short-cut back to my house to bring back some item I have forgotten.

How cute was that to see them sitting there where many cousins before them have enjoyed an evening meal.
... wheelbarrow race ... 2 people carrying Nathan

Today Janet was wondering if we should have announced the games at the party.

But that didn’t seem necessary. When the little ones tired of one game, another seemed to magically begin.
... the wheel barrow race crunches ...

And would the party have gone on, into the late evening hours?

Well, families with little children always pack it in when it is time to put their little ones to bed.

That is really when the party ended – when the little ones were closing down on their day.

I am out of words.  Perhaps the following pictures will tell their own story.


 ... Cohl and Anita watching the fun ...

... Glen wonders which group to join next  ...
 ... Duncan watches the gunny sack races ...
LtoR: Alicia, Chelsie, Senya, Zach, Michaela
Audra: I don't know which ice-cream flavour to choose.
Kelvin tries to push Wyona through the Red Rover line

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