Tuesday, August 12, 2014

LaRue's Party Planner

I got a note from Catherine Jarvis. Here is what she said:

 In another life, I would have been a party planner. I love parties.

Here are some ideas for the next LARUE party.

1. Give away door prizes. I am willing to contribute $50 to the prizes even though I won't be there. Suggested prizes: Deck of rook cards, deck of face cards, case of freezies, bag of licorice, s'mores kit (bag of marshmellows, graham crackers and chocolate), water gun, water balloons, etc Everyone who comes should get to put their name in the draw once, after filling out a card with their favourite Shuswap memory.

2. Jeopardy

Play one game of jeopardy and mix up the families. Let the little kids consult with the grown-ups. Just ask questions, instead of give the answers like in Jeopardy.

Who ate a slug?

Who started the Litter Patrol?

What was the name of the boat Uncle Earl brought to the lake? (Viking)

What is swimming at night with out a swimming suit called?

Who made up a play called "Sweet, Young, Thing?" Who played the role of the thing? (Amanda on both counts)

Which cabin has a bunk bed with no ladder? (Noisy cabin)

Who built the cabins?

Who caught a bat in the quiet cabin? (Amanda, Catherine with help from Uncle Don)

How was the laundry done in the old cabins? (A raising of the hands for anyone who ever got their fingers caught in the ringer.

What did Uncle Kelvin buy the summer it rained non-stop? (2 crates of paper)

Who nearly died (strangled himself) riding his motorcycle when a rope he had around his neck got caught in the spokes? (Cohl)

What is "King of the Dock"

... a favourite game of this baby ...
Who set himself on fire accidental, when trying to help grampa light a fire? (Kelvin)

Where were the litter patrol sticks hung? (Quiet or noisy house, and where exactly)

You get the point of the game I want to play.

Everyone who comes shoujld submit one question.

3. Favourite memory cards - invite everyone to fill out a recipe card with their favourite memory. Tweet or post these throughout the year.

4. Cherry pit spitting contest with prizes.

5. Play a round of spoons with the older kids.

Wishing I could be there to enjoy the fun last week.

Please show your photo and/or blog, tweet or post them on Facebook.



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