Monday, August 11, 2014

The morning walk

... roses from the bushes at the front of the house ...

That is not a red cushion on the chair.
It is a red towel folded up to prevent
a wire tattoo on the person who sits enjoying breakfast.
Bonnie, Rebecca and I have been having morning walks ... not for weight loss, but iin an effort to start the day right -- a little Vitamin D and a big chance to talk to one another.

We use the imaginary talking feather, passing it from one to another -- sometimes tossing it high in the air and letting it float down until someone else grabs it.

On this day Rebecca passed on the walk in favour of a little more sleep.  Well, not just a little more.  She wanted a full 12 hours of sleep since sleep deprivation was catching up with her.

Bonnie and I had breakfast together after our walk.

But before eating, we walk up to Bernie Road and touch the stop sign at the Trans-Canada Highway.  Then we walk the other way and touch the Reid Robertson - Misty Rhoades Wedding Sign at the other end of the property.  The sign is on a piece of driftwood and points down toward the place where they got married.

On this day, instead of that walk, we slipped down to the beach and sat on some logs to watch the water sparkle in the early morning sunrise.  We were lucky enough to see the fishermen launch their boat from the ramp-camp (Teague, Art, Chelsea and Gabe -- in one small fishing boat).

On the way home, we looked for a new home for the hammocks, and moved them from the cherry trees into the cool of the woods.

And finally, Bonnie pulled out the good china, peeled some mangoes, toasted some whole wheat bread and I thought, "Already a perfect day and I have only been up for 2 hours."

Can you remember when I started a new journey -- the best 100 days of my life. 

I am on day 85 now. 

The journey?  Yes, that is the fun, not the destination. 


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