Sunday, September 30, 2012

Travel Clinic

Image from Solstice Website
... I will walk the deck each morning ...
... no inside gym for me ...

I booked an appointment with the Travel Clinic at Crowfoot Village Family Practise, since I am going to be gone a long time and my doctor suggested I meet with the nurses to get my vaccinations and shots updated.

I took along my travel itinerary so they would know what shots I needed.

"An amazing trip," said the nurse.

 "I see a lot of trips, but it has been a long time since I have seen one like this one," she continued,  giving me first a shot in one arm, then a shot in the other arm, and then booking me to come back in a week for more shots.

Image from Solstice Website
... anyone for a hot tub ...
What else did I learn?  

I will have to remember two things -- no drinks with ice when I am off the boat, and always drink bottled water, at least on the second and third parts of the trip.

How did I get to go on such an adventure?

Wyona did all of the planning. I just had to sign on.

Rebecca says she would rather come along and see the sites with me, as read about them on the blog.

I wish I could arrange that for more people than just her.

My blogging will slow down, but my writing won't.  I love keeping track of at least something in each day, something out of the way that I don't see in a usual day.

Below is the itinerary -- as the nurse at the travel clinic says ... an amazing trip.

Oct. 6 to London, England for four days
Oct, 11 Venice, Italy for four days

Cruise I: Royal Caribbean / Grandeur of the Seas
Eastern Mediterranean Cruise

Oct. 17 Kotor, Montenegro
Oct. 19 Athens (Piraeus), Greece
Oct. 20 Ephesus (Kusadase), Turkey
Oct. 21 Bodrum, Turkey
Oct. 22 Mykonos, Greece
Oct. 23 Santorini, Greece
Oct. 25 Split, Croatia
Oct. 26 Venice, Italy
Oct. 26 Venice to Barcelona

Cruise II: Celebrity Solstice
Barcelona to Dubai 16 Night Suez Canal Cruise

Oct. 26 Barcelona, Spain
Oct. 30 Alexandria, Egypt
Nov. 1 Suez Canal (passage)
Nov. 2 Safaga, Egypt
Nov. 4 Aqaba, Jordan
Nov. 11 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Image from Solstice Website
... theatre each night after dinner ...
Note to self: don't eat so much you fall asleep
Cruise III: Celebrity Solstice
12 Night Middle East & Asia

Nov. 11 Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Nov. 13 Muscat, Oman
Nov. 17 Cochin, India
Nov. 22 Port Klang, Malaysia
Nov. 23 Singapore  Flight: Hong Kong, Vancouver, Calgary

I fully plan to stay home for December!



  1. Wow. Your itinery looks amazing. I am excited and happy for you.

    Today's adventure for me was heading down to "Sandy Beach" with David to see if what we had built at the end of August was still there (a Caminonan battle feild). To our amazment, the driftwood encircling the feild was still there, and even some of the "ray gun generators", "barracks", and artilery remained standing through wind and rain. The only thing they could not withstand was us stomping them out.

  2. I agree on the is SCARY!