Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Rainy Day

The rain is pouring down.

Dave Wood promised us a sunny day, but the clouds have gathered and rain is falling.

 I said to Wyona on the phone, I love these rainy days.

 Rain, the gift of life. Everything around us will grow. A miracle when I look out my window into the forest and see the graceful boughs of the cedars.

 I watch the rain on the deck as it hits the puddles, little drops making a single ripple out that stops at the rim of other small dots as they fall into a pool. There is water hanging from the bottom of the white bannisters that encloses the glass of the deck panes. Water hanging in small drips that never seem to fall. I want to get the leaves off of the deck so that they don’t stain it with their rust colour. But I don’t move. I just watch the rain as it falls from the eaves, and as is slides down the panes of glass on the deck. Just beautiful. Water, the gift of life.

Enjoy a drink of it some time soon.

Mary told me that at Catherine’s on the weekend they sent Rhiannon, Hebe and 2 neighbourhood kids out to play in the yard on a rainy day. All the snails had come out of hibernation. They were all over the yard. Out came the plastic containers to gather them and make habitats. There must have been over 40 snails that they collected. Catie even gave them each a plastic glove from her first aid supply because some of them weren’t too sure about getting snail slime on their hands. It was too sweet. They must have spent almost 2 hours outside. Mary and Leo agreed to let Rhiannon bring some home – not all 40, but a good 15.

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