Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Big Ideas

How do you imprint
Heart’s desire
On the iris reflected
In your own bewildered eye

Begin with hands large enough
To cradle babe’s first breath
Voice gentle enough
To whisper first words
Arms long enough
To open wide the door to wonder

Take breath, words, wonder
Set them spinning
In endless loop of language
Let loose love
Enduring and endless

Unfettered, hope and reason soar
Released, ideas resolutely transform

Poem for Kelvin by Mary Johnson


  1. This poem so beautifully captures the magic of big ideas we have about what will become of the next generation. Letting go. The most important part of raising a child and for some of us the hardest.

  2. It is such a surprise to me to have Mary writing poetry. Do you have any other work like this just waiting to be published, Mary?

    I love the first line, "imprinting heart's desire on the iris reflected in your own bewildered eye". I don't know if it is the image of the reflection of a child in a parent's iris, or the idea of parental bewilderment that strikes deepest to me.