Monday, April 10, 2017

April is poetry month

"Old people and technology,  it makes me sad."

I looked up from my smart phone to see who she was talking about, and I saw that her concerned eyes were focused on me.

I was well into my 50th year to heaven, and she a new college student.

I was bewildered at her description of me and bewildered as to how to operate this $700 hand held computer.

How did I get that old?


  1. What do you think she was referring to when she saw you operating your hand-held computer, and was it your phone or your IPAD?

    I know what it feels like to be behind with technology. As far behind as I am, I am still pleased when I learn something that is new. I am double pleased with learning how to use the voice activated system in messaging. In fact, I am way out of control and have lost the idea that a text should only be 69 characters long.

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  2. Oh yes, your picture really made me laugh. A few more ribbons and you could have established a new clothing fashion.