Friday, April 21, 2017

Churches Thrift Shop

An on going adventure for me is the thrift shop in Salmon Arm.  I paid Churches Thrift Shop $6 this week.

For that I got 2 recipe books — Moosewood and Pizza by Jean Pare.

I have a Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant myself.  On the inside page I have written every recipe that I have tried and made comments on them.

There is only one recipe that I would not try again.   I transferred that information to the inside of the new book and I intend on giving it to Bonnie unless she already has one.  In that case, it will be up for grabs. though I understand most young cooks just go straight to the internet for recipes.

Pizza by Jean Pare
I thought David Camps would like to read about how many ways there are to make pizza.

Instead, I became the reader.  What is going to happen is that when I go to his house, I am pulling out the pizza pans and getting ready to make the pizza variations.

For my $6, I also bought 2 muffin tins, 2 angel food cake tins 1 zester for large oranges,  3 tupperware dishes for Richard’s kids and 3 spoons to go with them.

I consider all of the fun of searching out these items worth the $6 I paid.

The goods were free.


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