Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dog Pile

The mud slide on the TransCanada Highway necessitates a detour down to Radium and back up to Golden, turning a 6 hour drive to the Shuswap into a nine hour adventure. This was the year they got into the car without sandwiches or snacks to eat along the way.

The next morning, I am the lucky person who got a “dog pile” on my bed – Dalton, Ceilidh and Meighan with David crawling under the covers at the foot of the bed. We tried to make a list of must-do’s while they were on holidays. Waffles, strawberries, ice-cream, then whipped cream and chocolate sauce were the first item on the list. The sour dough waffle batter was ready, and by the time Doral had sliced the strawberries there was food for all.

The day was full. Ron Treleaven and the Treleaven-Vancouver cousins left for home. The Calgary-Treleaven cousins come tomorrow. The Medicine Hat-Bates cousins come the next day.

Cousins. Cousins, cousins! And summer at the Shuswap!

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  1. Glad I am flying. Here's hoping that there is no mudslide between the Lake and Kelowna!

    I shall start making my list of things to do right now. Then again, I have other things to be doing. I shall make my list on the plane.