Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The New Boulevard

Welcom again.  Though the sign is askew you can find your way through too a brilliantly new beautiful space to enjoy along the road.

Glen has been mowing the boulevard that goes from my house, past the two cabins and over to Moiya’s.

Because every day since I have been here, is a rainy day the ground is greener and more lush than the boulevards that I used to walk along in Calgary just a few weeks ago.

All of that moisture has become the topic of information gathering and passing where ever a person is.

Today at the Sicamous bottle depot there were no cans with holes in them, set out to catch hornets as there were last year.

Now the dampness of the weather and all of that sweet, sticky soda and alcohol combine to make the exposed area on any body a banquet for mosquitoes.

Stretch out your arms and you can see five on one forearm and eight on the other – they are drinking faster than I can swat them.

I did run into a wasp when I was weeding under the white rose bush.

I thought I had a thorn in my arm until I picked out the stinger and saw that tell-tale white ring that flushes to an extended red ring and then begins to throb. The pain is also a good indicator to me that the wasp won that round.

Local remedies abound for those who like home-made medicines: try a dab of ammonia on a wound, a mixture of baking soda and water, cider vinegar, peppermint toothpaste, or as at our house, an ammonia-based product called After Bite.

We need some hot sun to dry up the mosquito breeding grounds.

And stopping the supply of blood they are collecting would also be nice.

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