Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Fear of Ferns

Sicamous, population 3,163, though Bonnie says that since they moved here, that number should be 3,166. But that is not exactly true, for as we found out today, we are in the Salmon Arm District when it comes to counting the tally of who lives where. Still, all of the libraries are connected, and I came away with my card updated, and Wyona came away with a new card.
“Oh, you are David Camps’s aunt? I just love David”, said the librarian.

“Then you don’t know him well”, said Wyona.

The librarian took Wyona’s comment at face value and assured Wyona that she has known and watched him for two years, and that what she loves best about him is his facility with language.

What has happened with David is that he has broken the reading code before beginning school. So a question, do you like Red Hot, really means David has been looking at the label on the bottle Amir has been pouring on his pizza.

There aren’t very many children at the lake this year. When they drop by I like to take their pictures.

Landon has only good days.
Like this one of Landon whom I like to capture with a small bit of clear drool hanging from his lips. But in my effort to get that, he gave me this classic cupie doll look that I love.

Audra came over to the house with her brothers.

After a while, she needed food.

This morning’s cold waffles and a few slices of apple were what her mom offered her from our almost bare larder.

I think that chocolate smear around her face is from the ice-cream parlour that Wyona has in her garage – one 2 ½ gallon bucket and four 4-litre flavours as well, plus a waffle cone maker that is in full production as of today.

I'm going to climb this hill?
The other two cute kids on the property are Audra’s brothers.

They took a walk with us up to the highway to check out the motor bikes.

On the way down the hill we took time to investigate a fearsome stand of ferns.

There was a lot of fear walking into that area, until we finally discovered it is possible to hide in the ferns – like a where’s Waldo puzzle.

This is the first set of boys who have wanted to climb up and down the old roof of an abandoned shed the side of the hill.

 I can climb this?
“I’m the king of the castle ....”

An adventure at every curve of the road, here.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Landon has the Pilling mouth! so cute! i wish i could hide in the ferns too!