Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Waffles, Anyone?

 I didn't hear cheers after the first morning of waffles.

I said to Bonnie, "I think I pulled a dud. Shall we try something else?"

"Maybe sourdough waffles every other morning."

"Maybe we have worn them out."

David chooses his food a different way.

His Doctor told him he has to eat my the colour code, so he works on how many colours he has had a day.

Waffles only provide red, and the interesting point that strawberries are the only fruit where the seed is on the outside and not at the core of the fruit.

Who wants to have my syrup instead of whipping cream?

We asked Doral at night.

"What would your kids like?"

"Are you kidding", he said. "Whatever you think was going on in their heads, I can tell you, if every morning isn't waffles, it will be a great disappointment."

So the jobs are distributed.

I make sourdough.

Doral slices cherries.

Anita whips cream.

Joaquim does dishes.

My third morning in a row
Strawberry / Cream / Sourdough Waffles
Today we went on the proposition that these kids want waffles every day.

Today was tutoring day.

A young girl comes for some reading tutoring and her father and brother and sister come along with her.

They brought along snacks, for mid-morning, but they were in time to join us for waffles
Thus, the waffles were spread far and wide -- no left overs.

So tomorrow?



Poor us.

Look down.


Down, for what you are missing.

No ice cream on mine, thank you.
Recipe to follow on the blog shortly.

Just keep thinking sourdough.


  1. That looks WAY better than the oatmeal porridge my kids have been eating for breakfast! :-(

  2. I have yogurt, grapes and toast. I want waffels! Rebecca! You have access to clotted cream. Go eat a spoonful for me!

  3. Darn it. Now I wish I was there.