Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Are you the photographer?

Canada Day 2009 7:42 am?
Arta loaned me a blue Lumix camera for my work. I needed more space on the camera to make a video. I figured I should back up the photos on it, just in case they hadn't been "developed" yet.

I have described the photos to Arta and she doesn't seem to recognize them from my description. She suggested looking at the date they were taken for clues.

This one appears to have been taken in 2009,  but what doesn't fit for me is the time. It is not that the Lake wouldn't be this gorgeous at that time of the day ... but would these four people be on the Lake at that time, I ask myself.

Arta said I might rule out who took the photos by who is in them. Well, are any of you the photographer for this one?

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  1. Hello,

    That boat looks like it might be on the way over, from the way I am using my right hand to try to push it back upright. That always helps.