Friday, February 8, 2013

Crow-Friendly Suggestion

Rebecca forwarded me a note from one of her students.  It went like this:
I just read your mum's blog. I think she should befriend the crows. She might start by making them an omelet. I've never done this, but I've read they like egg yoke, and with some cheddar mixed in there it might be a real hit. Or she could just give them small bits of cheddar. My crows don't get cheddar often because I can't afford it, but the few times they've had it they LOVE it. And I bet your mum's crows would like peanuts. Peanuts are the main treats I give my crow friends.
Crows are lovely creatures and if you establish a trusting and friendly relationship with them they will give you their good consideration. Plus, of course they will go for the compost since they are hungry and it's winter, so hard times for finding food. If your mum gives them other, better stuff so that they can fill up on that, they might be less interested in the compost.
So, I am back in Calgary now and unable to test out these theories about the best ways to deal justly with crows.  Glen tells me that the compost dirt I get in the spring is black gold -- so good for my garden,  When he cups his hands and picks some of it up and offers it to me, it is like a treasure. He makes me want more compost.  My reader reminds me that sharing isn't all that bad an idea since all of us in the universe are interconnected.



  1. Have to say I too was wondering why you were being so mean to the crows (I can say that because I don't have to clean up after them). I do love my neighbourhood crows. They don't get into my garbage though.

    A few weeks ago in Ottawa, we had the most spectacular moonrise. The moon was huge and orange. Then we happened to drive past a spot with super tall trees. I don't know what kind they were, but they were so tall and all branches reaching to the sky. A beautiful skeleton. The tops of the trees were covered with hundreds of crows and there were hundreds more circling in the. I have neve seen a murder of crows before. I have only seen them in one and twos. I wanted to stop and take a picture. The huge moon, the trees and sky covere in crows. It was spectacular.

  2. Hi Mary,

    I know I am late with "all about where crows hang out", but Richard knew when he was going to university. At about the same time, just between dusk and dark, the sky is full of them above our house, moving across Crowchild and over to stay for the night on the roof of one of the university buildings. Richard and his friend dressed up in black one night to go over and check them out. Of course the campus police would stop anyone who was dressed like that in the evening. "What are you going?"

    "We are checking out where the crows sleep."

    Doesn't sound like they were really university material, does it? On the other hand, they were true scientists -- checking out the time of day when this black cloud of crows would appear from seemingly no where. We never get the sight of them against the moon, since it is coming up on the east side of the horizon, not on the west side ... but you can see them backed by a powerful mountain range, which isn't bad.

    Thinking about this, I went to the internet, the source of all true information, to find out where crows sleep. In reading up on that, I ran across posts about how to get rid of crows (make loud noises or use scarecrows). Then I went down the slipper slope of crows feet, which is truly another topic.