Friday, February 15, 2013

Dance, Anyone?

Netherland Dance Theatre's MOVE TO MOVE
There is a three hour ballet on Sunday performed by the Nederland Dance Theatre.

The work is called MOVE TO MOVE.

Read the review in the Sydney Guide if you have any interest in going.

Or if you are like me, and  usually have no interest in dance you still might want to read the review.  I saw a clip of this piece while at one of the HD Live operas and knew that I was going to be "in" for it.  "There are four works in the programme and we see the audience arrive as well as dancers limbering up before the performance, the lighting and tech people and follow a dancer into the wings ."  Sometimes I like this part of the broadcast as much as I like the performances.

The review says "Technically the dancing is sublime and the dancers revel in the challenge of the different styles."


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  1. Can't wait to hear if anyone else goes. I gave the boys a chance, and told them that they had to come with me this weekend: either opera on saturday or dance on sunday.... they voted for Sunday. There is apparently one dance using the music of philip glass. There is also a famous South Park Christmas episode featuring the music of philip glass, so we will be watching for the connections! :-)

    Will report back in due course