Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Winter Walk - Blog or forget

December 2012

Or so I think.

If I study these photos, I can draw up a memory of taking a walk with Arta and Rebecca.

I don't see evidence of YakTrax on our feet, but it looks like the weather for them.

There is enough sun for Rebecca's glasses to have turned into "shades".

Kiwi walked to the top of Bernie road with us, and had found some muddy streams to run through.

She had far more energy than the rest of us.

She was leaping across the ditch, bounding through the snow and brush, and back onto the road with us.

Her white fur was well camouflaged by the mud by the time we got to the Lake.

What next?

A bath for Kiwi.

She retrieved a deflated soccer ball from the frigid lake enough times that her fur was white again.

My shoulders went up to my ears each time she went in the water, thinking about how cold, cold, cold that winter water is.

I wondered why she didn't just leave that ball in the water and insist we throw in a different direction.

As we returned up road, we speculated whether her fur would stay white between the lake and the house.

I figured she must be freezing and that she needed encouragement to get back to the house.

Does she look interested in what I am doing or where I am going?

You may be saying to yourself, "Not a watcher of the Dog Whisperer if this is the only trick in her bag for getting a dog to obey."

And it is true.

I can't say I have seen more than 3 minutes of the show cumulatively across my life, but I hear there are avid fans in my extended family.

Can you see Kiwi behind me in the next photo?

Did my plan work?

Duncan and/or Alex have come to the back door and are calling her name.

Nevertheless, I continue my part hoping to "bring her home" for a towel dry.

I can't say if I went back to finish the walk with Rebecca and Arta or took the "out" now that I had "helped" Kiwi back to the house.

Only a photo or someone else's recollection can help me now.

Blog or forget (or find someone's photos and try to reconstruct the past).


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