Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rigoletto, Sinatra Style


Photo: Sara Krulwich/The New York Times
Piotr Beczala, center, as the Duke of Mantua
I just checked out the NY Times review of Rigoletto, for those of you who will be going to see it on Saturday.  The music is the same, but the setting is Los Vegas -- not the opera for those what want to stay with tradition.

The subtitles have been updated as you can read in this article which says you are likely going "to see words and phrases like 'yikes', 'get a load of the new dupe,' 'jackpot,' 'pack of lousy, rotten rats,' 'home run' and 'dreamboat,' none of which, it is safe to say, would have been uttered by Verdi or Piave.

How fun is that going to be!


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  1. I snuck off early Saturday morning to watch! this was a great show... LOVED the sets and costuming, and the shift to vegas. Wished I had been brave enough to push Alex out of bed and make him come with me!