Monday, February 25, 2013

I Sold You a Little Gertler

So, having no more Downton Abbey to watch, I am hooked on other parts of Masterpiece Theatre. Masterpiece Contemporary -- Page 8 played last night.

While watching, the dialogue goes quickly and I have to keep a pen in hand and sketch out the names of the characters and how people are connected. Who is the boss? Who is the son or daughter? Who is the former wife, etc? One piece of dialogue went “I sold you a little Gertler”. Having no idea what that meant, but writing it down for future research, I went out to the web this morning and typed the phrase in ... and I came back to it as an exact quote from Page 8. A little circular there. Still not knowing what Gertler means, but having a little more context, I typed in ‘Gertler’ and ‘artist’ and came up with this link:

And now I know what Gertler means (as in I sold you a little Gertler), having had a nice lesson this morning on the art world because of my search. I might be able to identify his work, or at the very least, I will be able to watch Page 8 more intelligently. My gosh, TV is fun.


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  1. Check out "The Creation of Eve". I think it is the Gertler I would like.