Friday, February 28, 2014

Dock / Pacifico

... down by the dock ...
The colour of the water is a surprise to us: brown with the iron it has picked up on the way to the sea. That is what I keep seeing when I see the water.

As well, we are looking at the plants, the trees, the cones, the grass -- comparing everything with what seems normal to us from home.

The newness of everything seems beautiful -- the green is lacey, the trees have huge flowers hanging from the bows.

We have been back to the food court.

Greg and Arta in Galleria Pacifico
So grand, with so many choices. Tonight gellato came with the meal for Wyona and Greg. I just couldn't do it.  I did some in the afternoon and that finished me off.

 Sad to say ... I had no idea that a person could eat enough chocolate dulche de leche, amaretto and strawberry, to top up for a lifetime.

Mmm, good.  But now I am out.


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