Tuesday, February 25, 2014

La Pasta Frola

Shouldn't we taste one of everything, since we finally got here?
It is not right to come this far and not test the pastries of Argentina.

Do they stand up to those in France?

... getting a selection ready ...
Those in Belgium?

Those that come from our local Calgary pastry shops?

Or those of our own kitchens?

... the first tray of goods ...
The first move here is to go into the store.

Then check out the goods.

 Next watch how other patrons order.

Maybe ask a few questions if you can find someone who can speak English.

Can you speak English?

Some people nod as though to say no, but out of their mouthes comes, "So-so".

Apparently all of the cream pastries cost the same amount of money.

... the choice is beween "dry" or "cream" fillings ...
Choose the ones you want..

Then the cost is done by weight.

Do you want a half kilo, a kilo, a kilo and a half?

A kilo and a half last seemed a bit excessive, as did a kilo.

... politically incorrect ...
Still, that is what we ordered.

Fourteen of them, and dividng each 3 ways at home gave us a taste of everything.

To up the ante, we served each other on the white glass plates that are in our kitchen.

This is the only time we have used them.

... those sprinkles only look good, not taste good ...
Our job at La Pasta Frola was to select one of everything that looked good.

Then to go home, have a tasting party and to see if we wanted to order more.

By about the twelfth taste, my palette was getting jaded.

No matter what it was that I was tasting now, those first few bites had been the best.

 ... my dream dish ...
This picture isn't very clear, but what I wanted in the whole shop was the tall pedestalled clear glass on which only one pastry rested.

"I used to have one of those", said Wyona, but then Greg let a huge big board fall on it as he was moving it down from the loft. "So they aren't that useful," she said.

 "At least mine isn't that useful anymore."

Greg said, "Yes, easy to break." He is the first one who mentioned it. Not her.


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