Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Paris of South America

We came in the door of our suite, opened the window, looked out into the courtyard.

Greg paused and then said, "So this is the Paris of South America."


That is what the guide books tell us and they are right.

... my first view out of the front room window ...
We are just are on the wrong side of the building to get the best view of Buenos Aires.

But we are 1/2 a block from the main walking street, 2 blocks from the metro, and a short stroll from the dock.

When we stand at the entrance to the building to have our picture taken by Greg, we notice a fine spray dropping on us, though the sun is shinning.  "That is the air conditioning we are feeling," Wyona tells me.

... the view from our front room ...
a long shot to the left of the initial presenting wires
We are sure we are going to have a grand time.

It is only the end of the first day and we have had one week's worth of adventures.

We have done the market, the Plaza, the Metropolitan Church, a gelato store, a local food eaterie, explored the breakfast kitchen of the hotel and made plans for tomorrow.


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