Sunday, July 20, 2014

Fast Fun Breakfast

eggs were originally presented on a long fish dish
we changed dishes to use one of Rebecca's dishes.
now the eggs are blog worthy
There is so much interesting going on.

It is always a conundrum.  How much time to spend on blogging and how much time to spend on having fun.

“Take a picture,” Bonnie said. “At least then, Mary will know we are having some fun at breakfast.”

Yes, even breakfast is fun. Bonnie has taught us how to make 6 ½ minute boiled eggs – just perfect.

. nutribullet drink - spinach, banana, orange
delicious unless you believe someone has sneaked spinach into your drink
She watched how to do it on Cooks Country Kitchen and then she worked on the method until she pulled it off for us when we were together in a Paris flat.

 Now that sounds pretentious, but no ... it is just witnessing that a miracle like that really happened to us.
3rd banana cream pie
apparently boys can only eat 2 1/2 pies  per night

 Now it was my turn to make the 6 ½ minute eggs.

 How many to make – this is a question answered best by Glen’s pancake recipe.

N is the number of people.

N x 2 = number of eggs. That is the number of eggs to use.

Someone was busy making toast – simple whole wheat bread toast.
Rebecca takes phone call
Arta captures the new ring Rebecca silversmithed

 I added to my job list, cut the cantaloupe that Kelvin wanted to cut last night.

I prevailed on him to wait for a day thinking it would be best chilled in the fridge and eaten when I wasn’t full.

Ben likes to use David's new egg cup
Now take a picture about our breakfast?

That involved running downstairs for the camera and then changing the serving bowls so that you, Mary, will think this always happens to us.

A nutri-bullet drink for all who want their vegetables blended.

There were jobs for everyone.

Even for Ben who learned how to take out the compost, how to put earth on it and how to water it down. S

ucks to have him learn that the day before he leaves.

What was I thinking about?

He could have been the one to keep the beautiful black earth going right from the day he arrived.
Arta documents the perfect 6 1/2 minute boiled egg
as served on whole wheat toast

Not all were up for breakfast.

Not the skinny dippers.

They are afraid to go down to the water on their own, so David, Duncan and Ben have been getting midnight rides down to the beach.

 Bonnie bought them flashlights yesterday, ones that you can use underwater, apparently.

Sabre flashinglights.

A big hit!

And the flashlights have a secondary use – to get them to the water in the first place. Joaquim was in charge of the skinny dippers last night.
 ... inspecting the spectacular moth by the window frame ...

 ... wide shot of moth ... and other diners ...
LtoR: Bonnie, Ben and Rebecca
Bonnie prepared a white board to get them out the door.

1. Flashlight

2. Shoes

3. Towel (not optional)

4. Robe

5. Mosquito repellant.

I didn’t get a detailed report from the event but I did get to see the 3 boys go through the checklist and then run off to get whatever it was that wasn’t in their pack yet.

I had no idea skinny dipping was so much trouble.

Nor that breakfast could be so much fun.


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