Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Stinging Nettle and my First Selfie

So I have this amazing neighbour named Nadie (who in another lifetime would have been called a witch).  She makes all sorts of natural remedies and eats weeds.

She is growing stinging nettle in her backyard.  It crept under the fence into our yard.  When I asked her how to get rid of it she said, just pull it out.  But first harvest the leaves and make soup, or tea.  Make sure you wear plastic milk bags on your hands so that you don't get stung.

A few days ago I told Leo I was going out to  get rid of it.  He said, "you aren't going to make something out of it are you?" 

"Of course not," was my reply.  And I really meant it.  But somehow Nadie has rubbed off on me and 10 minutes later I found myself with a pot and plastic bags on my hands, picking the leaves.

Sadly, I used a grocery bag instead of milk bags, and my left hand got stung.  It kind of hurt, but I kept at it until all the leaves were harvested and the stalks were pulled out and put in a yard waste bag. 

Then I boiled the leaves.

Vibrant stinging nettle

Next, I strained the liquid out and added lots of honey to make a syrup.  I filled half a glass with the syrup, half the glass with carbonated water, added some ice, and voila!  Stinging nettle pop.

Then I decided me drinking it would be a great time for me to take my first ever selfie.

It's pretty good.  Try some if you dare.

Then I chopped up the leaves and made scones using them instead of spinach.  These weeds are surprisingly delicious.

Stay tuned tomorrow for "What it feels like to be stung by nettle."


  1. how can you make stinging nettles look good?!

  2. The best first selfie ever! I like how you are eyeballing the viewer, daring us to try it.