Monday, July 21, 2014

Highlights of the Jarvis Shuswap Vacation 2014

... railroad repair vehicles at rest ...
Notes taken while sitting around a campfire.

Dalton was reading ghost stories from his IPad to us.

The rest of us were busy roasting marshmallows and listening to terrifying ghost stories.

1. Pancakes / Waffles with strawberries and whipped cream.

2. Storm on the Larch Hills Mountain Top with the sunlight breaking through from the evening west.

3. The wind blowing through my face while I was looking at Bastion Mountain on the other side of the lake.

... purple clematis under the porch...
4. Helping to make cinnamon buns and eating butter horns.

5. Art’s rented boat, Wyona’s snacks, water fight extra-ordinaire, kayaks in the water, Ceilidh catching minnows, Hebe with her flippers on – all in the same hour.

6. Eating fresh cinnamon buns in the morning.

 ... Thomas in a quiet moment of reflection ...
7. Making breakfast / dinner with grandma, early and late in the evening light

8. Log rolling and staying on for 30 seconds

9. Making a fire with grandma and dad.

... cooking at the island, this time cutting pineapple ...
10. Telling scary stories around the fire.

11. Loved having the teens, the teens, the teens around

12. Dinners on the porch while watching the sunset.

13. Pop!

David using his watergun to say goodbye to the Jarvis Family
14. Going in the kayak with Hebe, hot pizza on the countertop, and thoughtful conversations into the night

15. Diving into the lake (the cold COLD LAKE!)

16. Seeing the view?

17. Tubing with Uncle Art. Driving the boat.

 ... CPR cleaning up after road repair at the stream ...
18. Loved the ten flavours of ice cream

19. Log rolling with cousins

20. Water tubing

21. Swimming and king of the dock

... hot brown bread on the counter ...
22. Spending time with cousins

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