Monday, July 21, 2014

More Margaret Falls

 ... a quick picture in front of the falls ...
Margaret Falls
I haven’t been to Margaret Falls. David Camps-Johnson has enjoyed multiple school trips there.

He knew the way down the path, through the river canyon and up to the falls.

The Jarvis Family were new to the trip. Grandfather stayed back in the parking lot – a few too many hills for him.

But those with mobility could scamper over the bridges, situate themselves on benches for photos, run up and down the paths, find places for good family photos and enjoy the spray from the falls ... that fine mist, the roaring sound of the water, the geological phenomena of a water fall cutting through stone until it recedes back from its original path.

 ... cousins rest on a bench ...
LtoR: Rebecca, Catie, Duncan, Meighan, Tom
I liked the dark walls of the canyon, the light breaking through the trees at some points, the stories from other from times they had been there when whole rock wall was in bloom with tiny flowers ... all of that seems to deepen my pleasure.

Other visitors came and went.

Our group seemed to linger longer, not a bad idea when surrounded with so much beauty.

TtoB: Tom, Rebecca, Catie, Eric, Catherine, Hebe
The miracle?

That falls is only across the lake from us and a few miles down.

 It would be possible to stop the car and get a sighting of our place from there.


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