Monday, July 21, 2014

Margaret Falls

... Catherine and Eric stop for a moment ...
Doral and Anita had their family ready to go to Maragaret Falls. 

Getting two other families to finish breakfast and pile into other vehicles was a job carefully orchestrated by the driver’s of the vehicles.

How to get cousin constellation just right?

 ... Arta changes her camera setting ...
Who rides shot gun?

Where can grandfather sit comfortably?

Who even wants to go to Margaret Falls at all?

 If now now, when?

Hebe and Bonnie work on taking a selfie.
The vehicles now peopled with cousins, aunts, mothers, fathers, grandparents and snacks we drove out ... all following Doral.

The snacks were monumental.

Doral demos the correct way to wear cherry earrings.
Purchased and then mixed in a large silver bowled, and then doled out into baggies so that everyone had a specialized trail mix of about the same proportion each.

The left over went to Anita, the Keeper of Trail Mixes, as well as the person who thought we should bring one.

I have never been to Margaret Falls. Doral has been. I was lucky enough to be in his vehicle.

Apparently the falls was just on the other side of the lake, but we had to go into Salmon Arm and then around.

The drive was lovely.

The other vehicles followed us.

Anita in front of the falls.
We commented on seeing places we had never seen before.

Though the time was long, it seemed to go fast until Anita had her GPS in hand.

She was saying to Doral, “Look. Here is where we are. Here is where we are supposed to be. We should be arriving in that place shortly, but the GPS is showing that we are separated from it by one lake, one mountain and about a 45 minutes drive. And that is not counting the drive we will have to take home from there, should we be so lucky as to get there now.”

The two vans following behind us were not willing to give up and go home. Margaret Falls or bust!


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