Saturday, July 12, 2014


The Ultimate Water Fight Begins
Ever vigilant about the sun, I try to keep covered with a long sleeved shirt and a hat.

But the hat is not always at hand when I go out the door.

I believe in sunscreen as well.

"Take that for a good splash!"
I put it on but have noticed that it gets in my eyes.

So the application goes from my cheeks and nose downward.

Still I get that stinging in my eyes after I have been out working with my shovel and rake.

... women and children strategizing to get the best of Eric in the water ...
Thinking that I am touching my face and moving the sunscreen upward, I keep that in the front of my mind: no hands to the face.

Still my eyes sting. I default to keeping data about when this is happening.

This week I got it.

That is not sunscreen in my eyes.

It is sweat.

Salty sweat! I didn’t even know I could work that hard.

"Watch out for my underwater watergun"
."A bucket load of water for your head."
LtoR: Bonnie, Ceilidh, Rebecca
This week the forecast for heat is in the low thirties – though the 34 degrees might be called mid thirties.

 I am going to take care of the sweat by staying close to the water and with sunscreen.

Perhaps there will even be an "Ultimate Water Fight" again.


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