Thursday, April 30, 2015

Olive Forks

One Hundred Best Days of My Life - Part II, Day 2

One of the troubles of loving a bargain is that I buy items I might not otherwise need. I could see that a low black metal shopping cart on wheels might come in handy, and 70% off seemed like the right price. I bought the cart, put my goods on the cart and wheeled it home from London Drugs, On the way, I discovered that the handle needs an extension so that I can stand up straight when I pull it. I also figured out that I don’t need a small cart, I need a medium one, and perhaps a large buggy, since I am used to buying more, not less.

The snow is gone now and the cart is now in use in a different way. This time it is my toy to use in the backyard when I am playing with the kids. I wanted to introduce it to them during breakfast … which might not have been a good idea. I have a lot of ideas around meal times which are not good ones. For example, I took over an olive tray with 2 tiny olive forks for supper a few nights ago. Michael couldn’t concentrate on the pizza, he was so busy stabbing olives and offering them to others. If he wasn’t doing that he was hooking the new hammock up to the the grocery cart and dragging the hammock behind him. That is just not possible in small house since the bar for the hammock alone makes a wider sweep than there is room for it in the front room.

I will know I have gone too far with my experiments with the children, when I am no longer invited back for breakfast. That will be the day I go over there and the back door is locked.


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