Friday, April 10, 2015

Sweet Peas

Here is the rule of thumb for planting sweet peas.  In Calgary they can be put in the ground April 1st.  They are hardy and will survive the couple of snow falls that we will have between now and the 24th of May.

I wanted to go to Sunnyside and get some new varieties, but when I passed by a display in Coop I changed my mind and picked the packages from there.  Nothing else in my garden has been weeded, but I do have that long line of sweet pea seeds in the ground now and today the temperature will be 17 Celsius so they will begin to warm up.

I am not expecting to have any other flowers.  It is the job of the children next door to nip the stems of the tuplips long before they bloom.  The only mystery is whether they will give the buds to their mother or to me.



  1. I love the fragrant smelling those flowers. It was fun to pick them and put then in a vase each day when I lived back home in my mid-20s. Thank you for planting them.

  2. These are the flowers that remind me of my mother. She had a vase sold by tupperware -- plastic. Across the top was a grate that would hold the flowers standing tall. One of my jobs was to go out and cut the flowers and keep that vase full when the sweet peas were in bloom. That is where I learned to follow the stem down to where it joins the vine, and then cut the sweet pea low so that I would have tall stems.

    As well I picked the nasturtiums. I don't know what I am not driven to plant those every year, as I am the sweet peas. I love their orange colour and the way that the stem curls down to its base. And I like that squishy feel of the liquid when I pinch the stem off. Still, I didn't buy nasturtium seeds. I guess I will find out what date they need to be planted and try some, as an experiment.