Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pagliacci and Cavalleria

From left, Marty Keiser, Joshua Wynter,
Patricia Racette and Andy Sapora in Leoncavallo’s 1892 work

Sara Krulwich/The New York Times
The opera seems like it is always just around the corner, and indeed, it is.  The Pagliacci and Cavalleria performances start earlier -- 10:30 am for us.  The performance is 3 hours and 40 minutes, since we see two operas.

Catch the review by Anthony Tommasini called At Met Opera, ‘Pagliacci’ Goes Vaudeville as ‘Cavalleria' Turns

The New YorK Times Review by Michael Cooper contains this paragraph:
What’s a vaudeville consultant doing in an opera house? It turns out that not just anyone can choreograph a decent slosh routine, a messy staple of slapstick in which whipped cream, custard or shaving cream is wielded as a projectile, hopefully to comic effect.
Now that is a teaser.

Do not click on any link that plays some of the strains of these operas, since if you do, you will change your mind about what you are going to do on Saturday and instead, head off to the opera.


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