Thursday, April 23, 2015

Writing Music for Film

Sketch by Duncan Carter Johnson

Duncan decided to try to draw anime eyes.  Before he knew it
he had finished an anime drawing.  Is a career as an 
animator is around the corner?
A few days ago Rebecca told me that she was going to spend the weekend at a seminar on writing film for music.

I want to go to every class that piques my interest, but this one being in Victoria, is out of the question.

So I began to watch the subtitles that we run on our TV with new interest, concentrating  on what the subtitle says about the music and ignoring the dialogue.

I have been missing a lot of good plots this way, and preparing myself for a class I can't take.

My goal is to go back to watching TV the regular way soon.



  1. Cool drawing, Duncan. David and I will try out drawing anime eyes. Maybe you can give us a lesson this summer.

  2. Wow! Awesome drawing Duncan. Are you taking art classes at school? I am sure this anime talent you have comes from your own interest, not an art class at school. :-) Xavier loves drawing too. He loves to draw dragons and pokemon. I bet if you Xaiver and David got together you could come up with a pretty cool comic book.