Friday, April 3, 2015

Breakfast at the Bjorgan's

"That's your bee that was buzzing around the flower
and landed on it. Eat it, Bonnie!"
I woke to laughter as Noella burst into the Bjorgan guest room.

"Time to get up, Bonnie. It's breakfast time! Bees and butterflies are trying to eat our breakfast!"

I stumbled out of bed and followed Noella as she bounded up the stairs.

She explained that we were eating a flower for breakfast, and she had added some insects.

"Don't worry Bonnie. They are just pretend."

At the landing, we ran into a bear and a cat dressed in pink for a spring day.
"I love that pink hat on the cat" I said admiringly.
"That's a sock, Bonnie" replied it's true owner.

We rounded the corner, sped past her parents preparing lunches, and headed to the table.

"Come on, Bonnie. I want to share my breakfast with you."

She popped a gummy bear in her mouth. She handed me the other one.

"Bonnie, try the stem!"

As we each crunched away on a mouthful of celery and peanut butter, she handed me a strawberry.

Sugar snap peas and a side of lime greek yogurt were next in line for the tasting.

Breakfast at the Bjorgan's. Pretty great.

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