Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Chasing the fruit flies

When some spot in the kitchen is alive with fruit flies it is in me to play detective.

I find out where they came from.

Now, I want to eradicate them.

I targeted the bananas in the middle of the island by making banana muffins.

In doing so, I pulled the chocolate chips out of the fridge.  I didn't get them there fast enough and they are half chips, half slabs of chips melted and then re-solidified.

Photo credit: Rebecca Johnson

Late evening

The Smokey Sky August 20, 2018
It was in the pantry that I found the real culprits, a bucket of fruit flies delicio – the potatoes Doral bought for potato salad, now a swimming pool of liquid with tiny potato rounds floating on top.

I took care of all of that and now my night has come to an end.

Rebecca and I made 3 large pizzas with the left overs we found in the fridge – not that the two of us could finish off 3 pizzas so they are stored in the fridge now for a better day, a brighter day -- tomorrow.

I can tell for we have seen blue sky today.


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