Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Perfect Morning

I am going to describe a perfect morning.
Photo Credit: David Pilling
Photo of Shuswap Lake looking towards Aline Hill 
from Road 109 in the Larch Hills

Betty and I left the house early.

Everyone was invited to come with us. We were the only ones who wanted to go to the saskatoon and huckleberry bushes. I wanted to put surveyors tape on them so that in the brushing and clean-up of trees on lots 4 and 5, I don’t loose my precious berry bushes.

Glen told me that the berries were drying on the branches but Betty and I took a small dish along.

Who doesn’t want to collect dried berries?

On our way past my raspberry vines I could see fruit hanging from every branch. Betty held the dish while I picked berries. She may have eaten most of them as she was holding the dish.

Then we went on to find the saskatoon bush to wrap the neon pink tape surveyors tape on one of its branches. We didn’t have much tape. Glen gave me about 12 inches, which was generous for it was all he had in his pocket.

That mission completed, finding the huckleberry bush was easy for it has been pointed out to me. Now as I looked carefully, I could see that I have about 6 huckleberry bushes in a row. That is a lot of dried berries to pick.

Betty and I also put some water on the roadside lawn of the Johnson cabin.

I am wanting to green it up for the arrival of the St. Albert Johnsons (Doral and Anita). The weather has been dry. Everything is yellow. The lawn loved the moisture. It is now a mass of tall clover and low weeds, the greenness of which I shall call grass.

On another topic, but related, this week, Brendan Robertson asked me how much I would take for a sale on my house. I told him it has no price. I have everything I want or need living here.

My story tells why picking huckleberries and saskatoons with a little girl is all the happiness I need.

Even if the berries are all shrivelled and dried up.



  1. Why did Uncle Glen have only 12 inches of surveyor's tape in his pocket? Why did he have 12 inches of surveyor's tape in his pocket? Who carries tape around with them? I am confused.

  2. I do not know why he had that tape in his pocket. He is a forester. Perhaps it was left over from one of his jobs, but I will have to ask. I looked at the writing on it and the thought went through my head, at least it doesn't say crime scene, do not cross this yellow line.

  3. I did not know we had saskatoons on the property. I just finished having a slice of saskatoon pie at lunch. Good stuff!

  4. I will show you where they bushes are. They are on Lot 4 just as you drive in, to your right. The huckleberry bushes are also on your property. I am not going to show you where those are.