Tuesday, August 7, 2018


August 7, 2018

The last thing Bonnie said to me last night is that it is hard to enjoy the charm of the morning shift and the hilarity of the night shift in the same life.

That is why we are a good match today. I am up for the 7:15 arrival of Michael, Alice and Betty. 

Bonnie finished off the night shift at 2 am, having played the new spice game variation of "Splendor" with Eric, Rebecca, Bonnie and Thomas until that hour.

A few days ago Catherine did the night shift by taking down the wasps nests.

She suited up and then with “One Shot” she went after the nests in the two pot lights on the porch, and after the wasps that were “somewhere” on the bottom deck. Those are the ones who had stung Betty three times and Thomas once. She thought she found them in some foam mattresses but was not sure.

LtoR: Catherine, Catie, Rebecca, Thomas Emily, Dalton

... scouting out the best direction for Catherine's attack of the wasps ...
No one was available to help her, more than stand at the door with it open, ready for her to run if absolutely all of the wasps were not in the nest at the moment of the spraying.

I would say that the event took place about 11 pm.

Tally: no wasp bites for Catherine.

Wasps:  a few left, but not many

The next morning, I was sweeping up a massive numbers of those that fell from the pot lights and those that rolled out of the foamies.



  1. The second time Catherine went out to do a facetime with the wasps, she was less suited up. Thanks for noticing that the first time she was super wary.