Thursday, August 16, 2012

Baby Teeth

"Do I have to be this covered up at the water?"
From Arta:

Two things are happening at our house at the same time.

Michael is getting his teeth.

David is loosing his teeth.

In Michael's case the process is simple.

Some drooling, some chewing on frozen yogurt tubes, some upset stomach, and yes, finally at ten months we get to see the first tooth.
I don't want to open my mouth too wide.

On the other hand, David has been protecting his tooth. There is no way he is going to let me go in and try to manouvre it out. The tooth is protected by him -- no eating crunch apples.
OK.  I will give you a good look!

But the horrible moment arrived when the tooth fell out.

 Horror of horrors he noticed it was stuck in one of the cinnamon buns.

This is not going to be easy for anyone to see, since a baby tooth is about the size of a very small piece of popcorn.

And it does not show up well when mixed in with cinnamon buns, especially the ones in this pan.
But you can see it here if you look on the right side of the plate. There it is just above the lego fork and laying on the second blue strip from the right.

 It is now saved and in a place where the tooth fairy can give David a pay-out.
Lunch on a fish dish -- no real fish required.

And David will return to the family practice of trying to eat healthy.

At their house they are required to think about getting a combination of five different coloured fruits and vegetables at every meal.

Lucky us -- teeth both coming and going.


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