Thursday, August 16, 2012

Log Rolling

Of all of the docks and debris that have come ashore, one of the most interesting pieces is a lovely bench: two logs to which a horizontal log has been bolted, making a fine bench -- almost immoveable because of its weight.

Teague and Greg salvaged that piece of furniture.
Glen dragged home a long long after one of his boat outings.

He dropped it off on shore, promising that it would be a lot of fun.
Catherine became the Dock Master.

She used David Camps or Dalton Johnson to help steady the other end of the log.

They were her partners as she gave everyone a chance to try log rolling.

Some of the cousins were more adventurous than others, trying again and again to find their balance and then roll with the log as it shifted in the water.
I congratulated her on her water stamina.

"Are you kidding," she said.

 "Between yesterday and today there is nothing on my body that doesn't ache from the log-rolling. My neck, my shoulders, along my inner arms -- the pain of the joy of log-rolling is with me."

Around the edges of the beach, Joan and Michael splashed in the water.

We did have a babyland when the Woods would come down to the beach -- four little ones under a year laying under 3 strategically placed umbrellas.
Any one want to take my second paddle and come along?

Some kids were out on the paddle wheeler.

Others slide along the water in the red canoe.

Catie liked the kayak.

Choices for all.


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